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Hym - Ab Kya Sochen (Audio/Video)

Ab Kya Sochen Audio:
Ab Kya SochenVideo:

  • Song: Ab Kya Sochen
  • Singer: Hym |
  • Music: Raheel Fayyaz
  • Orignal Song by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
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Fans Shocked to See Fawad Khan

Clear started a campaign at shopping mall and invited Fans to take a picture with Fawad Khan's Poster. But clear also placed a big surprise gift for the fans. What Happens Next will Make You Smile shockingly.
Watch Clear video right now at myipedia.
Clear Video:
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Kolson Slanty TVC 2014 Fun ka Crunchy Melty Maza

After a long time Kolson Salnty comes with a TV Commercial featuring lot many cute children. The theme is fun and masti focusing Kolson slanty. The chidren showed their skill while playing music, enjoying & eating slanty. Though its a big budget TV Commercial but it didn't gives the impressive impression at first. Comparing with the theme the jingle was too short. Kolson Slanty leads the tagline "Fun ka Crunchy Melty Maza". Watch the video now at myipedia.
Kolson Slanty TVC 2014
Kolson Slanty TVC Video:
  • Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
  • Agency Credits:
  • Creative: Atiya Zaidi, Fahad Bombaywala, Saqib Zaidi, Fahad Khan, Nasir Faiz & Fahad Ahmad
  • Client Service: Atif Nouman & Saadain Lari
  • Brand Credits:
  • Head of Marketing: Zeeshan Zahoor
  • Brand Manager: Yasir Kamal
  • Brand Executive: Aliza Yousuf
  • Production: Formula Films
  • Production Credits:
  • Director: Farooq Mannan
  • DOP: Salman Razzak
  • Post Production: Post House
  • Assistant Director: Shahid Iqbal.
  • Producer: Shahid Yaqub.
  • Production Manager: Jamal Nasir & Nadeem Nawaz.
  • Art Director: Abdul Subhan Siddiqui.
  • Styling: Fahad Hussain & Team @ Citrus.
  • Makeup: Akif Ilyas.
  • Set: Aqeel Ur Rehman.
  • Music: Vikram Singh.
  • Singer: Ankit Tiwaari.
  • Choreographer: Gohar Hayat.
  • Photographer: Zahid Ghori.
  • Post: Amir Saif @ Post House.
  • Talent: Citrus Talent
  • Make-up: Nabeela's
  • Media Agency: Orientm McCann
  • Media Team: Nadya Naqvi, Waqar Akhtar, Yasir Jalal & Zafar Hasnain
  • Detailed Post by: Myipedia
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Meiji BIG TVC 2014 Shahid Afridi

This video reminds me of many commercials with the theme of memories and struggle. Its a Meiji Big Tv Commercial featuring Shahid khan afridi with the memories of Meiji Big. Meiji Big had 40 years journey leading the tagline "Soch Bari , Manzil Bari ". Watch the video now at myipedia.
Meiji BIG TVC 2014 Shahid Afridi
Meiji BIG TVC Video:
  • Director: Jamshed F. Irani
  • Executive Producer: Shahrukh Hayat & Akhlaque Mahesar
  • Shashkay Films Production
  • DOP: Rana Kamaran
  • Music: Saad Hayat
  • Colorist: Jacek Bullik Oriental Post
  • Line Production: Atiq Hasan (Pro 3 Productions)
  • Production Manager: Zia Ur Rahman
  • Production Assistant: Syed Behroz Ali
  • Art Direction: Faryal Siddiqui
  • Set: Aqeel
  • CG & Post: Post House (Amir Saif, Adnan, Adeel, Wajid, Zeeshan)
  • Talent: Citrus Talent
  • Agency: Synergy Advertising
  • Client: Meiji
  • Cast: Shahid Afridi & Hammad khan
  • Detailed post by: Myipedia

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GRight Inspire A480 TVC 2014

GRight Inspire A480 TVC 2014
GRight Inspire A480 TVC Video:
  • Client: G rigt
  • Product: Inspire A480
  • Director: AATI (Aatif Rasheed)
  • Agency: Firebolt63
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