Friday, 31 October 2014

Ali Zafar draws Amitabh Bachchan's sketch Live on TV

Ali Zafar the well known Pakistani singer actor proved himself to be multi talented. He was the guest at the show for his upcoming Bollywood movie Kill Dil promotion. He draws the sketch of Bollywood Big B Amitabh Bachchan at live Tv Show Kaun Banye Ga crorepati.Ali Zafar draws Amitabh Bachchan's sketch Live on TV
The crowd at crore pati tv show and Amitabh Bachchan were amazed at his talent and the result was a big round of applause for Ali. Amitabh Bachchan praised him for his versatile talent and for drawing a master piece.
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Meera Hospitalized Due to Sudden Heartattack

Pakistani controversial actress Meera is in headline news again. She has been hospitalized after complaining about continuous heartache. According to news after the sudden heart attack she was rushed to hospital it happened during her continues work about the fund raising campaign fr her charity hospital. Doctor advice to take complete bed rest not to work hard.
Meera Hospitalized Due to Sudden Heartattack
While speaking with media she also said ” Khan sahib has not responded to my proposal yet. I reckon he is quite busy in changing Pakistan to think about me for now”. What do you guys think is it due to the burden of work or the ignorance and rejection by PTI Imran khan?
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Maa Masalay TVC 2014

Maa Masalay a new brand ready to use traditional spices. I wish the jingle Sadiyon say chalty rahye hain, yehi maa ki chaahat k silsilay could be a bit lenghty but still it was catchy. Maa Masalay leads the tagline "Maza ab sub ko pohanch mein". Watch the TVC video right now at myipedia.
Maa Masalay TVC 2014
Maa Masala TVC Video:
  • Client: Maa Masalay
  • Set & Props : Aqeel ur Rehman{ Set&Act The Set Designer }
  • Director : Sohaib Akhter
  • Assistant Director: Imran Taighoon Shah,
  • DOP: Suleman Razzaq,
  • Production Designer: Muhammed Tayyab Siddiqui
  • Art team: Bilal Jahangir.
  • Set Incharge : Mohammad Ahmed khan & Adeel ur Rehman
  • Detailed Post by: Myipedia
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Always TVC 2014 Absorbs Worries in 1 Second

Always comes with a new Tv Commercial and a new tagline " Absorbs Worries in 1 Second". Watch the video now at myipedia.
Always TVC 2014 Absorbs Worries in 1 Second
Always TVC Video:
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Lays Pakistan Flip it to Win it Challenge 2014

LAYS Pakistan has created a fun Flip Challenge following the launch of its New Lays Resealable Packs. Lays fans all over Pakistan are invited to reseal the packs with a cool flipping action and upload a video of their creative flips to win cool prizes.
What you can Win?
  • Check out the videos and upload your own here.
  • Get your friends to get flipping with #LaysFlipChallenge
  • Get maximum votes on your video
  • Get a chance to be a flippin awesome winner!
So be the first to upload your flipper video. The weekly winners will get iPod shuffles and the grand prize winner will be given an iPad 3. Isn't that awesome? Hurry and avail the chance. It will be fun full of adventure and prize. For more information you can watch the detailed video here. 

The data submitted by: Anam Mahmood
Lays Flip Challenge Video:

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